Prayers of the Prey

Do you know the law of the jungle? Generally, it refers to the principle that those who are strong and apply ruthless self-interest will be most successful. Some would say ‘it’s a dog eat dog world’.

One of my favourite childhood cartoons. There is a lot to learn from the wolves.

Have you heard the word “predation” before now?  Whether your answer is yes or no, I’ll still have to drop a few biology lessons here (I love biology by the way, I am game for every part that does not involve dissection). Stay with me! Don’t get bored because I’m heading somewhere interesting!

Let us delve a bit into Predation. This is a biological interaction where one organism, the ‘predator’ kills and eats another organism, its ‘prey’. Remember that law of the jungle? Well, it doesn’t favour the prey. To survive, they are constantly on the run. However, running isn’t enough in the jungle, the preys have to hide well too. That’s where ‘adaptation’ comes in.

I have always had a soft spot for bunnies.

These adaptations range from camouflaging like the chameleons, using defensive weapons like the porcupine’s quills, to behavioural adaptations like bluffing and playing dead like the opossum. They will do anything they can to stay alive in the jungle. Just hold that thought as you read on.

I love men, I do. I appreciate all the supportive ones in my life, God bless you! I know you go through a lot too and I admire your resilience. That being said, let’s talk about the vile ones. If there is one thing peculiar to predators it is the fact that they feel they own the prey and everything that disputes that is not worth considering. That is why a stranger would make catcalls and result in insults when you do not respond. That is why a cad will openly threaten to rape you, leaving you in fear of moving alone or forcing you to change your regular route. It is the same reason they will patiently wait at corners to mock you because you turned down one of their friends. It is why they would grab and grope anyone walking on the street because a predator does not see any boundary when relating with a prey.

Why do people come close and still yell? It baffles me.

Let’s throw in a little statistics here, in 2015, UNICEF reported that one in four girls have experienced sexual violence before the age of eighteen. Do you want to get real-life statistics? It’s simple, just ask every girl around you if they have been sexually harassed(remember to define it correctly). Let me be the first to answer, yes I have. What is worse, I am told it will always be like this; so long as I exist in this form, the predators will try to show superiority. These and more are the stories you will hear from the ladies around you, give them an ear and you will hear things.

Sexual harassment is an unwelcomed sexual behaviour that’s offensive, humiliating or intimidating. It can be written, verbal or physical, and can happen in person or online. Anybody can experience sexual harassment, regardless of their gender. Sexual harassment is a much broader term than sexual assault, and refers to a wider variety of inappropriate sexual behaviours. Click here to read more on sexual harrassment

Having this in mind, I realise that I was born into a jungle and sadly for me, I came as a prey. Society showed me that being female, black, having values I hold dear in an immoral world, being a Christian and being born without a silver spoon was all the qualities that set the track for my race to begin.

Where do you stand, experts or parent?

We have heard and still hear it, the name-calling. They tug at your self-esteem and lie in wait biding time to prance. They wait for a moment of weakness, the predators come for the weak ones, that’s the jungle we live in. Consequently, I have been told to use every defence I have, that I must adapt and make the most of everything within my reach. So gear up ladies, do your research, and know the laws that work for you. In Nigeria, you have Section 34 of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as amended, Sections 351, 352, and 360 of the Criminal Code 1990, amongst others. When on the lawless street with the unruly then basic self-defence is welcomed too. Train your mind to leverage everything around you. Do not resign yourself to being hunted for who you are. You can hold your own and run to safety until help comes. We need to be alert at all times and never keep it all in silence! Protect your space by speaking out because in the jungle there is no ‘siting on bench’, we are all involved. Do your part but do not forget Psalm 44:5-7; you are the one who gives us victory.

I know many have wounds that are still healing.

I pray time truly heals your wounds💝.

Indeed the hunt was a merciless one and they put you through alot but do not forget 1 Peter 3:9; do not repay evil with evil. Do not become the monster you are fighting. I see girls turn around to harrass boys too. I have heard some say “let them feel what I felt”. I know someone else from their gender hurt you but it is not right to attack an innocent person. It is not right at all. The world will give you lots of advice but remember Job 34:4 ; let us discern for ourselves what is right.

You might feel the need to isolate yourself or walk away from someone in the troubles you recognize very well, be guided by Psalm 82:4 ; Rescue weak and needy people, help them escape. If it’s not in your power then at least try to find someone who can help. Do not just walk away guys and girls too. Help out where you can and give a listening ear when its needed. We need each other.


Prayers of the Prey

There is something about her silence,
Just listen closely,
you will hear it;
her heart cries to be heard.
There is something about her sigh,
take a step closer,
you will understand it;
her longing to be loved.
There is something about her cold,
get close with a little heat
and you will feel it;
Her plea to be protected.
There is something about her hugs,
If you take the time to read,
you will find it;
Her request is to be respected.
There is something about her walk,
If you match her pace,
You will notice it;
Her lips pour out prayers.
There are many things about her,
Hidden but it’s there.
She is willing to tell,
but for time, growth, healing
And of course,
an ear that’s willing.


It is getting worse every day but we can remain steadfast together, everyone, not just the female gender.

It’s fierce out here so I’m wondering, can I count on you?

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26 thoughts on “Prayers of the Prey

  1. I have to say your words are really captivating. I also love the diversity of switching through literature, reality, law, religious contexts to illuminate several facts and points.
    I’m getting all nerdy now 😅
    Great work Prospoet

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  2. Literally not saying this to make you feel good but this is incredible. I love initiative with how you were able to blend God’s teaching and the laws of Man(Nigeria)in it. The poem was so beautiful and topic so sensitive. The most remarkable thing about this piece is how you were able to actually make your readers actually relate to fact that we actually seek to not be preys in this jungle disguised as society. You’re gifted prospoet

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I think this blog post is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about one of the most rampant occuring in our society today.
    And your poem is really lovely too❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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