Crippled Goals

What if it’s not broken? Those precious plans you’ve been running with. The dream to go to the University, that tireless job hunt, the struggle to be mentally stable, to let go of that addiction, to be your own person, to cut the chains of your background. What if truly delay is not denial and its just crippled,waiting patiently for you to get a support and keep moving.

Many of us have had to postpone dreams and switch lanes at some point.

Wherever you stand, whatever true race you’re running, I hope you do not falter on the first set back . If the admission doesn’t come now, maybe its not ready to. Let the first thought not be that you’re not worthy because who is truly worthy in this tainted world?

Instead of spending time becoming a shell of who you once were, completely cutting all ties with those that seem to be moving father down the lane than you (something I was almost guilty of but for the reality check slap from true friends and family) . Why not take that time to build your crutches to support your legs until you can stand again?

I believe there’s a crutch that stays beside you through every goal for when you need it.

So when you can’t stand anymore, I hope you find it. I hope you speak to someone who has gone through the tunnel you want to go into, I hope you seek skills to strengthen your resolve rather than wallow in self pity. I hope you find the strength to tell yourself that it’s not over. Because it truly isn’t until it is.



“Crippled Goals”

Let us remember determined legs;
the ones you grew
to pursue goals you believe to be true,
Because what is faith without work?

Let us run down a little bit forward,
we meet the arrows and the sword
Determined legs endured wounds,
Because what’s a warrior without scars?

Let us limp onwards,
a surprise push and we loose balance
Determined legs are now broken
because what’s a hill without ups and downs?

Let us crawl through the pain,
We grew up so much that we became children again,
digging the sand to get to the prize;
supportive hands come out to play

because what’s a treasure without the find?



So find that crutch. It might be difficult, but you can. You’ve already come this far, so why not? There’s a Divine crutch that wants your burden, why not hand it over?

Come unto me all ye that Labour and are heavy laden, for I will give you rest… for my yoke is easy and my burden is light

Matthew 11:28-30

What do you say?

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