The Reason For The Rules

Do you play games?

Any game at all? From the ones I consider simple like Infinity loop and ludo. To the ones that become tasking as it developes like Candy Crush Saga and Temple run. Down to those I do not even bother understanding like PES and Call of Duty, I just tap on everything really(and of course I fail).

We can agree that these games are not for the same category of people. Either because of the difference in technicality or just personal preference. Though these games are different, they have one thing in common and that’s the rules.

Candy crush is one game I find myself opening often.

As simple as some levels are, it takes me more tries than expected to finally complete a level. What is my problem? It’s simple really, I almost never read what the level requires me to do. I spend time trying to mix colourful candies when I’m expected to “bring down the ingredients” or “clear all the jelly“. Maybe because I play this game when I am already in so much thought that I just “swipe the stress away” rather than paying attention to what is required.

On days when I remember to check what the target is before I start, I just forget halfway and remember when I have less than 5 moves left. And then of course I fail again.

These rules that come in the form of targets and missions (that I do not remember to pay attention to) is exactly what should be my only focus throughout the game because that is what is required in order for me to move up to another level.

I think going into a new venture or trying to change things around you is just like playing a game. You have your mind set on something (like me trying to make candy bombs because I really like them😩) that you do not take out time to see what is required. What you want to bring on board is probably really amazing but have you done your research?

Yes you’re smart an innovative but many people have been too and will be after you so that is far from the point here. It’s true that you probably work well alone but you’ll work even better with guidance from those who have worked, failed, succeeded and packed up lots of experiences.

This guidance is not to keep you from making mistakes, it is to keep you from making already made mistakes. The rules are not to confine you, they are to help you move faster towards your goal even when your goal is to amend these rules. If the level says “bring all the ingredient down”, why waste time trying to make colour bombs? If your pursuit requires you to be in a suit, why spend time filling up your suitcase with dance costumes?

Once upon a time, I told my cousin and my younger brother that I could beat them in Mortal Kombat (it was my response to their teasing😄) . I challenged them before even knowing what the game was about. I don’t know if you’re expecting me to say I won with some beginners luck but nope, they both had flawless victories. They beat me black and blue.

So I went to lick my wounds and since I wanted to try again, I decided to try smarter by doing a little bit of research. I chose two characters and read on all the hacks about them. I came back after memorizing them before trying again, and nope I still did not win. They beat me again, purple and red this time.

I was not discouraged though, to be honest I did not think I would win that easily. However, it was not a flawless victory for them this time. I got a few hits in and I practiced a few hacks I had read on. After about several more tries, I finally beat both of them. They will tell you it was just by a tiny little bit but oh well, what I know is that I won that one time before I walked away from the game for good (I find it quite gory🤷‍♀️).

Philip ran up and heard the man reading the prophet Isaiah, and asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?” And he said, “Well, how could I [understand] unless someone guides me [correctly]?” And he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.

Acts 8:30-31 AMP

You might not be so lucky that people walk up to you, like Philip did, to ask if you need guidance or assistance, so it is best to make it a habit to find out the rules. How, when, why, where, who, ask these questions when you have to. Remember that if at all you want to alter this rules, you’ll still have to know them first.

These games will give you general rules but they do not tell you what order to follow. In board games like ludo, you know that you have to throw a six to come out of your ‘house’. You also know that you can kick your opponent back home at any point where you throw the number that’s needed. However, when you get a double six and maybe a five and four, there is no rule that tells you to bring out two games with both six or bring out one and count it all with that one.

I’ve come to know the chess pieces quite well. I know how the Queen, Knight and the others move, yet I have not played a complete game of chess. The reason I always give is that I do not know what to do. I’ve had people ask what I mean by not knowing what to do, because I already know the feature of each chess piece. What is holding me back is that I do not know what order to move them in.

There’s no particular rule to go about this because you never know what move your opponent will make. Unless you know the tactics very well, the same tactics that the chess masters got to know during their time in the game. Thinking steps ahead to know which to move forward and what to withdraw backwards from start to finish. Why jump in blindly when I have people that know where the landmines are and how to avoid them?

People do not just start things because they want to fail at it. However, that’s exactly how it plays out when one becomes headstrong on “pursuing what could be” without a complete understanding of “what is, and the order of what has been”.

In your bid to standout, I hope you do not forget to be informed.

Have an amazing September ahead! Thank you for reading💕.

4 thoughts on “The Reason For The Rules

  1. Well, here’s another captivating piece.
    Anyway I got an inspiring line from this”the point is I won” . Now I understand that no matter how small a win is,it will always be a win.

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