The Face of Grace

Happy new year✨. How was 2021 for you? Mine was enlightening because I learnt a lot. Yes, the first blogpost for 2022 is finally up, yayy🎊.

Thank you for staying with me all through 2021🥰. Thank you for all the corrections, likes and shares. You keep me going💖. Before you continue, grab your headphone and please read till the end. Now let’s get down to business 😉. 

Do you have a favourite superhero? Mine has always been Wonder Woman then recently Dr Strange too. Have you ever wondered why superheroes hide their identity or at least try to until they cannot anymore? 

You’re probably wondering how the “Face of Grace” involves superheros right? Just stay with meeeee, I’m getting to it. 

An acquaintance of mine once said we make people scared of Christianity because we twist the true meaning of grace. To him, grace is accept Jesus then go ahead and live however you want because grace covers you. As opposed to, accept Jesus and drop the excesses. That got me thinking and digging, what really is grace?

Some say these superheroes conceal who they are to show that they are not after fame. Is this because they are all humble or scared of the camera? Or they just avoid bringing that fame to those close to them who could get hurt? I think it’ll be more of the later really because Bruce is quite far from humble if you ask me, and maybe Arthur Curry too (I know their fans will come at me and I love you all in anticipation🤭💖) . 

In Batman’s case, some believe that he keeps his identity a secrete because he would not be as feared if his enemies knew it was Bruce Wayne behind the mask, his superpower afterall is money. Only few people like Peter Parker would be awed, the others would try to end him of course. 

Now here’s where grace comes in. Something that’s common to all superheroes is that they save anyone in trouble. Anyone, regardless of race, age, tribe or gender. Clark kent does not pause to wonder if the stranger that’s about to get hit by a truck has a pointed or a broad nose, very irrelevant right? All he knows is that the person needs to be saved regardless of the facial structure, past dealings or present. On the stranger’s part, he is stunned, in awe of the person behind the mask who saved him. So dazed that he only remembers the thousands of question in his head when the one who saved him is long gone. This is not so far from what happens when you come face to face with Grace.

This blog post started with this song🥰. Just plug in your headphone, tap to play and read on!

The Face of Grace 

It’s not hard to remember when we first met,
We go way back; a little after the sunset,
Just after it all got gloomy and dark.

A little sleep, a little slumber,
that’s when I first saw the vast water.
Far into the middle was my mark
His was the kind of presence you first feel
before you see and lose all your will
“Come”, a soothing call, not a bark.

After taking the first step, I hesitated.
Why would a being so pure call out to me so tainted?
He spoke like one with authority, not a quack
“Come”, just a word but it held a thousand meaning.
Could this be a call to a new beginning?
In faith, I crossed the water, just like a walk in the park.

With my head laid on His lap, I let out the cries I had kept inside
Not a sentence said but I felt every word sooth my tide
Oh how I wanted to stay! But it was time to go back
Opening my eyes to the world we call “real”
I realized how much I already miss surreal
Details from that memory stick with me like a backpack

I will always remember everything from my time on that sea,
Everything but one I did not quite see.
I searched and searched through my memory stack;
The eyes, nose and ears, details all lost at sea.
I would give everything, anything to go back and see
The face of grace that showed himself to me.

All this stranger has is a memory that he would keep telling people, some will believe, some will despise, some will choose to wait untill they meet this mystery man, only then would they believe. 

The concept of grace is one of the most crucial and impactful in Christian theology. A dictionary definition of grace is “the unmerited love and favor of God toward men.”

Mary Fairchild

My dear acquaintance, whom I hope will read this, probably ended his own definition at “unmerited”. Truly, you do not work for grace, it is freely given but that does not leave us without a duty.

For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

John 1:17

So we can agree that with Jesus came grace, yes? So he should tell us what he (grace) is about, right?

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Matthew 16:24

I am that stranger with a broad nose, dark skin and human flaws just like everyone else. The joy I carry comes from deep within, it begins and becomes endless after an encounter with the Face. This post is a reminder to you and me to keep being true. The Face of Grace is just one man, a special being. This superhero is exceptional. His identity is not hidden, if you seek truly, you will find him. Some hesitate because there’s this thought that what they find could be true and once you’re in you have to drop the excesses.

Can you drop all? The excess that this world makes us see as normal, can you truly drop all? 

Yes, you can but only if you will. 

The ball they say, is in your court. What’s it going to be? Bearing in mind that…

… whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

Matthew 10:33

I consider myself privileged to freely talk about my superhero without restraint regardless of the reception I get. There are those who get killed for it, then there are also many who cannot show that light for fear that they will be judged or removed from the list of “cool” people. If you are in the latter category then you’re already denying him whether it is your intention or not.

If you’ve found Him already and not in denial, hang in there! Don’t forget who you are and conform to the “norm”. They will lead you to think you are the only one still holding on, that’s the lie of the century, trust me, there are many like us and more are rising. Just like the enemies of the superheros go after their loved ones, that is exactly how people will pursue you. The difference is that our Superhero is omnipresent, he’s never late and you’re never alone. May Feburary be amazing for you. Keep working on those new year resolutions, don’t give up! Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing💖.

12 thoughts on “The Face of Grace

  1. I’ve always been touched by all your pieces,but this one seems more soul deep,this is God’s voice and he speaks to me.
    Thank you Prospoet.
    Thank you for letting him speak through you.
    It’s so shocking how I’m in tears!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This is incredible dear. Honestly the joy we are left with after encountering “the face Grace”. I enjoyed every single line⭐️

        Liked by 1 person

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