Uyai Ekong (Beautiful War)

It’s a girl! the doctor said
My eyes glowed with unshed tears while many celebrated.
Your innocence was painful to look
at so I closed my eyes and wept.

You grew and glowed, men followed.
On your flawless face,
confusion showed.
Why? , you asked,
so society explained.

This is your life
There is only one path for you,
to play the part they believe to be true.

This is your life;
To be seen and not heard.
Many have fought this war
You can try, but they assure you that you will fall

This is why I wept;
I fought and failed.
Why? Why did you come as a prey?

I could not take my eyes off you
I just knew you would be trouble
that fiery glow in your eyes;
the same glow in the eyes of brave soldiers.

You promised to die trying,
to come back for me if you win.
I do not want you to die, my child
Please put away those rifles and let’s make waffles.

Listen to me dear
I know this war, this quest to soar
Take my hand, I’ll show you the plan

Hide that glow in your eyes before the moths attack
tighten your fist, resist the urge to punch down their rules
Bite your tongue, hold back your retort
Hide your light my dear

Fight in secrete, only within
Put up a smile to hide your wile
Mask your fire with a cool shield
Hide those gory plans with your playfull chuckles

Fake the stumble, do not reveal your confident strides
Be a beau outside, conceal the beast inside
Become the beautiful war I could not be;
The battle angel of reform.

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