The Fantastic Four

Four men that I have been thinking about a lot lately; one stanza for one man. Four in all for four of them.Can you guess who they are? Leave a reply below if you can name any of the four. I’ll reveal where you can find the answers on the next post so stay tuned😘.


If this road leads to the end,
we must make it worthwhile.
I’ll hold the Lion by the Jaw,
hold my head high even when my eyes are out,
Don’t let me go.

If this road ends all leads,
we must brace up,
I’ll hold my rod to the sky,
please hold my hand so we don’t die.
Don’t let me go.

If this road takes our sight,
we must listen for the voice.
I’ll find this new faith.
Hold me Baranabas, teach me, show me.
Don’t let me go.

If this sight takes us to the road,
we must tary in the temple.
I’ll see the new born baby King,
keep me alive until then.
Don’t let me go.

You might want to get your bible now😉.

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