For Him

It never began the way he planned. Things go South when he thinks they’ll go North. Things go right when he is so sure it will go left.

He was born to soar, tossed back and forth by the wind, his struggle against the tide is futile. He fights with all his might but it’s pointless.

Take a break, that’s what I want to tell him.

Breathe, I want to show him how.

If only he would listen to me, I would explain to him that he needs to be calm. I would give him a thousand reasons why he needs to breathe. I would tell him to stop fighting the storm. I would show him how to let the wheels go, I could encourage him to smile.

I would do all these and so much more but, he is not one person. He is everywhere. He is so many people, so much that I cannot do this on my own.

Will you help me?

Help me smile at the he that has forgotten how to. Tell him to take a break. Tell him he needs to breathe, show him how. Explain to him why he needs to be calm, give him a thousand reasons why he should not loose his head.

Tell him to stop fighting the storm and learn to ride with it, the Eagle does. Show him how to let the wheels go. Tell him to allow Jesus take the wheel.

Tell him,

Please tell him when you see him. Let him know that it is not over, there is still so much more to live for.

Tell him I love him and God does too.

Tell him that this is for him. This is to every guy out there, giving it his all to make ends meet. Do not forget to breathe, you must breathe.

3 thoughts on “For Him

    1. “For him” is like a message of hope. I directed that one to the men specifically. We live in a world were male children are told that they need to be strong both in and out.

      I believe that it is good to encourage strength but doing so in a way that you disregard the weakness, is not right.

      It is basically a message to any man out there who has lost himself while trying to be who society wants him to be. We all have troubles, and it’s very normal to feel down once in a while.

      That is my main point.


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