In the beginning was the word…

So let this beginning of mine be about words.

Words are fire, they either cook or burn. It all depends on you. They are mere letters put together that become spirits when spoken.

Words don’t choose who to torment, the tormented chooses the words.

Words don’t define you but they are used to define who you are, there’s a huge difference.

A negative word is still a negative word even from the mouth of a positive body

Words are missiles, calling them off is not an option. Can we then redirect them? Or do we press the ‘self destruct’ button?

Words don’t get the credit they deserve, they stand through the test of time destroying or rebuilding. They never relent.

Words have nothing to loose. As long as you and I exist, they will continually be reborn.

From the mouth of sucklings to the hands of great men. Words evolve.

Always remember that words are the heavy weight champion you must contend with everyday. So far, only wisdom has helped many from being knocked out.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom, and with all thy getting, get understanding…..

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